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Not every legal issue requires a trial. Sometimes having a neutral party to facilitate discussions can help resolve a legal matter without trial, which saves money and can be faster than litigation.

In the Brunswick Judicial Circuit, any domestic case has the potential to be assigned to mediation before a final hearing. Our office is experienced in conducting mediations and reaching mutually beneficial solutions. Ms. Harrison is a Certified Mediator and Arbiter capable of handling domestic mediations for your case.

In the Fourth Judicial Circuit (northeast Florida) all divorce cases are referred to mediation and can either use a mediator provided by the Circuit or hire a private mediator. Our office is experienced in conducting mediations and reaching mutually beneficial solutions.

Common FAQ's

+ Is Mediation good for my case?

Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) instead of going to court. Mediation can be good in a case where both parties might not be far off in the goals they want. Mediation can save you in costly legal fees associated in preparing and conducting a trial. Mediation can also help narrow legal issues before a trial, which can also save in legal fees.

+ What happens if we cannot agree in mediation?

Sometimes, parties cannot reach an agreement in mediation. If you do not reach an agreement, you will proceed towards a trial or hearing in Court.

+ How much does mediation cost?

Mediators are paid an hourly rate, which is typically divided equally between the parties, but can be paid based on another agreement of the parties.

+ My attorney, or my spouse and I, have chosen Ms. Harrison to mediate my case. What should I know about Ms. Harrison?

Ms. Harrison is a certified Mediator and Arbiter as she has completed the courses required by the State Bar of Georgia. However, her strength as a mediator, is that she brings the perspective of a family law attorney who has been there, tried cases, advised litigants and is familiar with the local courts, judges and particular rules and customs of each court.

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